How to Acquire Minor Guardianship in Las Vegas, NV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


In Nevada, family members have the chance to step up and protect children who are at risk. Local laws provide the opportunity to seek court assistance for these purposes. An attorney can help these family members to acquire minor guardianship in Las Vegas, NV, today.

Working with Child Protective Services

Family members acting on behalf of a minor child must contact child protective services first. This government agency is responsible for providing child protection, involving claims of child abuse or neglect. The first step is to take possession of the child. The child is evaluated by a doctor and a psychiatrist to determine if abuse is present. Then, the social worker assigned to the case examines the living environment of the child to determine if the biological parent poses a risk to the child.

The Findings of the Home Study

The findings of the home study identify the risk and the social worker must present the findings to the court. Neglect or sexual abuse are prominent circumstances in which the court may intervene. The court can make assignments for the child to ensure their protection.

Temporary Custody of the Child

The first assignment for the family member is temporary custody of the child. This assignment lasts up to one year. Biological parents who have existing addictions to alcohol or controlled substances are given the time to seek treatment. The successful treatment of these conditions could allow them to regain custody. However, the plaintiff could achieve guardianship if the biological parent continues to pose a risk. The court can terminate their parental rights.

Requirements for Legal Guardians

The state of Nevada requires all legal guardians to be at least 18 years old. They must provide evidence of a stable income and the value of their income must prove that they can provide financial support for the child. They must also have a home for the child.

In Nevada, family members can take steps to protect an at-risk child. These steps may involve contact with child protective services. The agency and the individual’s attorney can help them acquire guardianship if the child is in danger. Family members who wish to achieve minor guardianship in Las Vegas, NV, should contact Grant Morris Dodds or visit  for more information today.

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