How to Choose a Roofing Company in Naples FL

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Roofing Contractors


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When you need repairs done to your roof, finding the right roofing company in Naples FL can seem like a difficult task, unless you know what to look for, who to ask, or where to look. It’s probably a good idea to follow up on the word of mouth testimonies of people you can trust. If a roofing company in Naples FL has a good reputation among your friends, family, and people you really know, you have a head start in finding the right people to do quality work at a reasonable price.

The hitch, however, is judging the trustworthiness of your sources. Don’t believe someone with whom you are merely acquainted with just because they say so – although it is very easy for most of us to trust the advice of perfect strangers. Make sure you trust the source, then do your due diligence by following through on referrals. If you have referrals, unless they are really sound, you might want to cross reference them with other sources, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or agencies that grant licenses to building contractors. Even if you do not have referrals, this may be a good way to generate a lead for a reputable roofing company in Naples FL.

Once you narrow down the field to a handful, go to each of them and ask questions. A reputable roofing company won’t mind that you ask questions; in fact, if a company seems irritated by this or is not forthcoming, something is probably wrong. Go elsewhere. The legitimate roofing companies are checking you out as well, and they should not only be thrilled to provide information to you regarding their business, but they will likely be trying to make sure you are a solid customer. Bad customers may make crazy demands or have irrational expectations, as well as deceptively contract for work for which they cannot really pay.

You will want to find out from potential Naples FL roofing company contractors where they are headquartered, how they can be reached, information about their experience in the field, and how long they have been established as a business. This is also an opportunity to get references if you didn’t have referrals, or to confirm the word of mouth recommendations that you did receive. Professional contractors and roofing companies shouldn’t blink twice at providing information about people who have used them in the past, or about what bank or credit union they use. You are basically hiring employees to work for you, so really conduct an interview. Choose the roofing company in Naples FL that meets your criteria of work ethic, quality, integrity, history, and experience.

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