How to Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Receptions in Warren, MI

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Weddings


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For most people, the idea of an outdoor wedding reception in Warren, MI is preposterous, but many people prefer the outdoors. If you are planning a wedding, you have reception options and it is ultimately up to you whether you choose outdoor or indoor receptions for your specific wedding. There are some pros and cons of each option, so that you can better determine what will work best for you.

Outdoor Receptions

One of the biggest positives about outdoor wedding receptions is that you are surrounded by natural beauty that you don’t have to pay for, which is perfect for most people. Whether you are in the mountains, a vineyard or a beach, you have a perfectly created environment because it was already there. Another great positive about outdoor venues is that you can likely save money because outdoor venues aren’t as popular with brides who don’t want to risk a potential problem on their big day. You also pay less for decorations because the scenery is already so beautiful.

However, potential negatives include unpredictable weather, lighting and bugs. Because you have to plan the event far in advance, it is nearly impossible to determine how the weather will be. Outdoor receptions are usually best held in warmer months when there is little worry of snow. However, you still have to content with possible hailstorms, thunderstorms or even tornados, depending on where you live.

Most people are used to plugging in a device and letting it charge, even while at a wedding. However, there are little to no outlets in the outdoors, so you may run out of power sources, especially for warming trays for food.

Indoor Receptions

With an indoor wedding reception, you do not have to worry about threatening weather or bugs, and you will have plenty of outlets for all your electronic devices. This can make wedding photography, videography and everything else a lot easier.

The intimacy factor is higher with an indoor reception, because car horns won’t be honking and there won’t be any traffic sounds heard. It will also make people more comfortable because there will be heating and air conditioning when necessary.

A few problems can include more planning for décor and you may have limited space for guests. It can also be more difficult to book a venue because they are in high demand.

Wedding receptions in Warren, MI can be outdoors or inside. If you prefer being inside, consider having your reception at The Gazebo Banquet Center.

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