How to Choose Garage Flooring

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


A lot of thought has to be put into choosing the correct Garage Flooring. This is primarily due to the fact that garages are used for a wide variety of different things, and the material chosen should reflect its intended purpose. Those planning to use their garage to actually store a car are not going to be looking into their carpeting options, and expensive hardwood flooring is probably not the best option for most do it yourselfers turning their garage into a workshop. Those considering remodeling the garage should take a while to pin down a design plan before choosing a floor, or at least deciding what type of activities are going to occur in the space. For garages designed to store or work on cars, there are relatively few options.

Most garages come with a concrete floor. This can be good enough for those who use this space only to store vehicles or rarely used possessions. But anyone who wants space to work on cars indoors will find that the trade off for concrete’s durability and ease is pretty severe discomfort. Adding an epoxy coating can solve this problem on a budget. The floor will remain easy to clean, and it comes in a variety of colors, which can also help to hide stains and spills. Polyaspartic coating works in much the same way as epoxy coating but takes less time to dry and can be applied even in the winter. Because it is a newer invention, polyaspartic coating is slightly more expensive than epoxy.

Another option that allows more customization is to install modular floor tiles. These are typically made of either plastic or rubber cut into interlocking pieces and installed directly over the existing floor. This makes installation quick and easy. Modular tiles are also easy to clean and stain resistant. Along with the ability to choose colors or design patterns, this makes them a popular choice among homeowners. Of course if the garage is intended to be used for a different purpose, there is no reason not to consider more traditional flooring. Homeowners planning a remodel can learn more about these and other Garage Flooring options by contacting Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!

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