How to Choose Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Nov, 2017


Both feed pellets and wood pellets serve a valuable purpose on any farm. That’s part of why so many farmers have been choosing to purchase their own Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a machine, though, which is why this article lays out the basics of choosing the right pellet mill so that farmers can make the right choice.

Ring Die Vs. Flat Die Mills

Ring die mills are perfect for feed pellets. They work by using a conditioner to mix the materials and adjust the moisture content and a pelletizing chamber that uses rollers to drive the feed materials into holes to form pellets. These holes are known as ring dies, and they work in conjunction with two cutters, which cut the pellets as they come out of the drum.

Flat die mills are smaller than pellet mills and simpler in design and operation. They also require less power than ring die mills and can be used for making both feed pellets and wood pellets. They work by compressing materials between rollers and die holes, cutting them as they leave the chamber.

Consider Intended Use

It’s important to decide on a use prior to looking into Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho. Those who are looking for a machine capable of commercial-grade production should purchase a ring die mill, rather than a flat die mill, as they are capable of continuous production and producing a much larger output. Those who are purchasing a mill for home use might want to consider a flat die mill.

Similarly, it’s important to know whether the pellet mill will be used for feed pellets or wood pellets. Those who are using them for feed can purchase either a flat die or a ring die mill. However, those who are using them to create wood pellets should purchase a flat die mill regardless of capacity.

Purchase a Quality Machine

Regardless of what kind of mills farmers choose, they should be sure to purchase them from reputable dealers. Click here for information about one company that offers high-quality new and used farm equipment at reasonable prices online.

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