How to Choose Senior Living in Chicago North Shore, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


There are several different options when you are considering your senior living arrangements. The two basic arrangements are independent living and assisted living. Within those, there are levels of care that will determine precisely how you are taken care of. Typically, assisted living ranges from a low level of care that mostly involves them taking care of your household needs to a full medical staff to assist you. In independent living, the level of care is much lower. There will likely still be doctors and nurses on staff but you will be completely in control of when and if you see them. There are also options for different types of recreational activity.

Recreational Activity

It is often said that retirement is some of the best years of your life. One of the ways to ensure that this is true is by choosing a facility that offers you many different options for where to live and what to do. The recreational activities that you are offered are very important. For example, if you enjoy playing tennis, you need to be able to play tennis at your living facility. More than that, you need to have tennis partners. So, when you are looking for senior living in Chicago North Shore, IL, you need to make sure that you ask about not just the facilities. You also need to ask how often they are used and how many other residents take part.

You can get answers to these questions from Oasis Senior Advisors – Chicago North Shore. They’ll be able to guide you to a place that will satisfy your needs.


One of the best aspects of senior living is the independence that you feel. Even if you are in some level of assisted living, you might look for a place that offers you some modicum of independence. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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