How to Choose the Right Size Self Storage for Rent in Boise, ID

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Dec, 2017


There are several different sizes of the storage unit; it’s very important that you get a storage unit of the right size without getting one that is too big. It should fit everything you need comfortably without having a lot of empty space. If you intend to use some or all of the things in your storage unit, you might want one slightly bigger than you need so that you can leave space to move around. There are some guidelines that will help you choose the right sized self-storage for rent.

Small Storage Units

A small storage unit is typically about 25 square feet to 75 square feet. A 25-square-foot storage unit is about the size of a hall closet. It is five feet by five feet. A 75-square-foot unit is the size of a large walk-in closet. It can fit the contents of an average sized room as long as you don’t need to put too much furniture. You can save some space if you put everything in square boxes that are of a similar size. That will make it easier to stack items and use up some vertical space in your self-storage for rent in Boise, ID.

Republic Storage offers several small storage units if you only need to store a few items. If you need a larger unit, they have those as well.

Large Storage Units

The largest self-storage for rent is typically about 300 square feet. You can typically put a car or truck in the storage unit as well as the contents of a three-bedroom apartment or a small home. They’re great for storing a lot of items or for storing large items. They’re also great for storing items if you need to be able to move around and pull certain things out from time to time.

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