How to Clean Epoxy Lab Countertops

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


You chose your epoxy lab countertops for some very wise reasons. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they resist moisture, fire and can stand up to even the most severe chemical spills. They look good over the long term and can provide you with years of service in your lab, school, or another facility. Yet, many who use epoxy lab countertops are unsure as to how to best clean them. Let’s spend a few minutes exploring what to do, and what not to do to really clean those countertops properly.

  • Do clean up any spills right away. Though you know that all epoxy lab countertops can withstand some of the harshest agents, it is never a good idea to leave anything on the counters. Chemicals that dry could expose the surface to harm and even pose a threat to those using the counters. Just use a soft cloth or towel and gently wipe up the compounds spilled.

  • Don’t use abrasives. It always feels good to give surfaces a deep scrub, but abrasives and epoxy counters don’t work well together. They dull the surface and finish and can leave tiny grooves that can capture debris and give the surfaces an unclean and grimy look

  • Do use dish soap to clean them daily. Proper care means daily rinses, especially in labs or facilities where the counters are put to use each day. Just a simple, mild dish soap is able to do the trick because it will eliminate any greasy materials as it also addresses anything else that might have accumulated. This sort of cleanser also does not irritate the surface. If you are wary of any sort of soaps, a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle works wonders.

  • Don’t chop anything on the counter. It may be tempting to skip the cutting boards when dicing or chopping materials on the countertops, but that opens up the counter to fine cracks and crevices that will eventually dull the surface and even leave it unsanitary.

  • Do give it oiling once each month. To ensure that the countertop remains in top condition, do the daily cleaning and at least once each month takes the time to apply a very thin coat of mineral oil as a sort of polish. It seals the surface, helps alleviate the unattractive look of fine scratches and keeps it in top condition.

If you have an interest in getting epoxy countertops, contact AGR Fabricators, Inc. as they have many years in the industry and offer a full array of durable surfaces.

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