How to Create A List Of Quality Home Builders

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


For many people, the thought of building their very own home is a dream come true. But how exactly do you make that dream a reality? How do you know if the home builder you choose can actually deliver on what they say they can? We know that the process of home building can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together these tips on how to assemble a home builders list for Jacksonville.

Look at Local Builders

When creating your home builders list for Jacksonville homes, you want to look at builders in your community first. Choosing local builders gives you the opportunity to visit homes that they’ve actually built. Not only might you get inspired by your own home, but you’ll also see the quality of work each builder puts into their homes. Be sure to speak to any existing homeowners if you get a chance. They’ll be able to tell you details like how responsive the builder was while building and if there are any issues with the home now.

Ask Who They Subcontract

When it comes to hiring your own builder, you definitely want to know if they do all the building themselves or hire somebody else to do it. If they do use subcontractors, do they have an ongoing relationship with them? Ideally, you want a builder who hires only subcontractors they have worked with before and can vouch for. The last thing you want is a builder who is constantly hiring untested contractors in an attempt to undercut prices for themselves.

Ask About the Warranty

Like many other products you purchase, you want your newly built home to come with a guarantee from the manufacturer, or in this case, the builder. Offering an extensive warranty is a sign that the builder stands for their work and values your business.

North Florida Builders are second generation home builders that specialize in custom designs, remodeling, and new construction. Their attention to detail and excellence in their craft puts them at the top of any home builders list in Jacksonville.

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