How to Deal with Diabetic Retinopathy

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Health


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Diabetic retinopathy is a condition you see in people with diabetes. It leads to progressive damage to the retina and is one complication of diabetes that could lead to blindness, the American Optometric Association says.


This is usually diagnosed through an eye exam. The eye doctor will look for signs of the condition, which include: abnormal blood vessels, fatty deposits or swelling in the retina, growth of new blood vessels and retinal detachment. If there are any abnormalities in your optic nerve, that’s a likely sign as well. If you exhibit any of these signs, then you’ll need to consult with a doctor for diabetic retinopathy treatment in Jacksonville FL.

Mild or proliferative?

Mild or moderate versions of the condition may not require treatment right away. But your doctor will need to monitor the state and health of your eyes to figure out ways to manage the problem. If you have control over your blood sugar, then that’s going to help. But if you suffer from the proliferative form of the disease, then you’ll need surgical treatment as soon as possible.


Finding the right doctor is essential to the success of the surgery. When you look for an eye doctor to for diabetic retinopathy treatment in Jacksonville FL, make sure you find someone with the right credentials and qualifications. How much experience does the surgeon have? How many times has s/he performed the surgery? What kind of reputation does s/he have in the field? Those questions will help you work through your options until you find the best prospects for you.

Make an appointment

If you think you have diabetic retinopathy, don’t hesitate to look for an eye specialist to determine the extent of the condition. Early treatment can help slow down the progression of the disease and reduce the chance that the condition may worsen.

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