How to Determine Which After School Child Care in Pittsburgh PA is Best

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


After school child care in Pittsburgh, PA organized by schools is the simplest option for most parents. It is often the cheapest too. The staff who take care of the children is made up of teachers and administrators.

This is great because the kids gain familiarity and are very comfortable hanging around with people they see 5 days a week. Just like most after-school programs, daycare facilities operate from 7:30 in the morning and remain open until 6:00 in the evening, which offers parents a good amount of time to get work done and have time to work a full day and still pick up their child on time.

The disadvantages surround younger pupils, especially kindergarten students. After-school care often requires the child to spend very long days at school, which could tire them out. Are there other options to consider?

Home care

This system surrounds the use of a babysitter. The person hired will usually pick up the child and then take them back home until the parent arrives. Of course, some children will ride their school bus, and the babysitter (or nanny) will be there to ensure they get off.

Depending on the contract the parent has with him/her, the nanny will give the child an afternoon snack, make sure the child’s homework is done, and so on. In fact, they may give the child a bath and cook dinner for them as well. It all depends on what the parent deems appropriate.

After-school care

After school child care in Pittsburgh, PA involves part-time child care, unlike daycare facilities that operate all day long. It is important to remember that most childcare businesses are open all day, which means they can take on after-school students as well. And, just like educational institutions, if a child is sick, they will be sent home.

Educational activities

After-school care isn’t all about keeping the children occupied until mommy and daddy pick them up. In fact, this type of care surrounds educational improvement. If nothing else, it gives the child time to sit down and do their homework before going home.

The only drawback? It makes for a super-long day for the child. Contact ABC’s For Children for more information.

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