How to Find a Quality Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When a homeowner is in need of a Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY they may be tempted to hire the first company found. However, this may lead to subpar service and serious issues down the road. In order to ensure the right trash removal service is found, use the tips here. Being informed and doing a bit of research ahead of time can really pay off in the long run.

Shop Around

The most important thing to do when searching for a Trash Removal Service in Long Island NY is to shop around. In most cases, there will be several companies in the local area. This means it is a good idea to call and get quotes from each company and find a price that is fair and a company that doesn’t try to tack on a ton of additional fees.

Ask about Disposal Methods

Many people who rent dumpsters believe that once it leaves their property, full of their trash and debris,  it is no longer their problem. However, this is not always the case. If the company does not properly dispose of the waste they have collected, the homeowner may be held responsible. This can result in some pretty hefty fines. This is why it is so important to ask about disposal methods, prior to hiring a trash removal service.

Ask about Delivery and Pickup

It is important to ask the company about the delivery and pickup of the dumpster. In most cases, a certain amount of space will have to be cleared out to ensure there is enough space. Also, when it is time for pickup, if the truck is unable to get to the dumpster, they may charge a fee to return at a later time. This can really add up if it happens a few times. If a person knows the requirements of delivery and pickup, they will be able to avoid these fees.

When it comes to dumpster removal, it is a good idea to be informed. Finding the right company for the job will pay off in the long run. More information about renting a quality dumpster service can be found by contacting the staff at V. Garofalo Carting Inc.

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