How To Find Top Metal Fabrication Shops

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2019


In almost any area where there are fabrication or production companies, there is also a range of service providers and contract manufacturing businesses and shops. As most OEMs now outsource much of their metal fabrication services, finding a reliable provider to work with becomes an essential part of the business.

The choice of metal fabrication shops does need to be done with care. Choosing a shop bases solely on price or on physical location and proximity to the OEM often results in compromising on quality, turnaround time, and order delivery to your schedule.

Industry Specialization

In most situations, the top metal fabrication shops are focused on providing the necessary parts and components to specific types of industries. The larger and more established the metal finishing company is, the greater their ability to work with different industries.

It is a good idea to check with any shops under consideration to review their customer base. It is helpful for any OEM to work with a partner that is aware of industry regulations and specifications that may impact the metal fabrication required.

Using a metal fabrication company with a wide range of experience across industries is also a benefit. Often technology to design features required in one industry can be integrated into new and unique solutions for designing and producing metal parts and components in another industry.

Quality Control Processes in Place

As an OEM, ensuring all of the companies you outsource to use quality control measures throughout production or processing of parts is essential. A poorly made or finished part or assembly can be the weakest component in your product, which has a negative impact on your market sales.

In choosing the best metal fabrication shops, look for companies with ISO 9001 certification and a commitment to continuous improvement and quality control measures throughout processing.

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