How to Get an Espresso Repair in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


Having an espresso machine enables businesses to offer customers a rich, concentrated coffee beverage. People can also enjoy this type of coffee in their own homes by purchasing a residential espresso machine. Unfortunately, even with the best brands of espresso machines, defects can occur. To get an espresso machine working again promptly, it’s helpful to learn about espresso repair in New York City. The following details can expedite this process.

To get an Espresso Repair in New York City, familiarize yourself with Espresso RMI’s Repair Procedure. First, use either FedEx or UPS as the shipper. Do not send a machine through USPS. Purchase the appropriate level of insurance for your shipment. The freight carrier’s insurance should have a protocol for packing the espresso machine to adhere to a damage coverage policy. Failure to do this can result in a denial of coverage if an espresso machine is damaged while during shipment.

It’s a good idea to pack an espresso machine in two boxes. This provides extra protection for the espresso machine. All espresso machine accessories should be included in the shipment so they can be tested for damage. Include your contract information. Your phone number, full name, and address should be printed or handwritten in a clear manner. It’s also necessary to briefly describe the problem the espresso machine has. An $85 diagnostic charge will be applied to diagnose the problem. This fee can be paid with a check or money order. A credit card can be used as well. However, an authorized employee with Espresso RMI will contact you for a credit card authorization.

For the address and phone number for Espresso RMI, please visit the website of If You Love Coffee. After an espresso machine is delivered and the diagnostic fee received, a technician will begin to disassemble the machine until the problem is found. This process can take up to two hours. After the problem is found, the service technician will call you with a total estimate to complete the repair job. The diagnostic fee does not apply to the actual repairing of the espresso machine. It’s not recommended for a person to pay for a repair that costs more than half of the original cost of the machine.

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