How to Know Whether to Resurface or Replace your Asphalt

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


It may be difficult to determine whether or not you should resurface or replace your asphalt. Over a period of time asphalt has the ability to lose its integrity. This is because parking lots and driveways get heavy traffic which can cause cracking and other significant damage. However, just because there is some damage does not mean that the asphalt needs to be completely replaced.

If the asphalt has become oxidized but the base of it is still in good condition, then it is up to you whether or not you want to have it replaced or resurfaced. Asphalt resurfacing in the Richmond VA area is a great way to make your driveway look like new again without investing too much money into the project.

Asphalt Resurfacing
Asphalt resurfacing adds a new layer of asphalt over the asphalt that is already there. It is typically about 1.5 inches deep. This extends the life of your driveway or parking area. Resurfacing is only beneficial when the surface is still structurally sound. If your driveway has significant holes, cracks, or soft spots, they must be repaired before you have your driveway resurfaced.

The longevity of asphalt is based upon the quality of the installation, the maintenance, as well as the quality of the soil. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, this will wear on the asphalt faster. If there is a lot of heavy traffic on the asphalt, this also causes it to deteriorate much faster.

If you decide to resurface your asphalt, this has the ability to add about 10-15 years onto the life of your parking lot or driveway. If you decide to purchase a new driveway, then this will add about 25-30 years onto it if it is properly cared for. If your driveway or parking lot area has a lot of damage that does not seem as though it is repairable, then starting from scratch would not be the worst idea.

Making the Right Decision
Making the decision to resurface or replace your asphalt is based upon the factors listed above. Much of it depends on the current condition of your driveway and your budget. If repairs can easily be made then resurfacing is the way to go.

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