How to Maintain Residential Roofing in Suquamish, WA

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


The average residential roof can be expected to last two or three decades in the absence of any major disruptive factors like falling branches and severe storms. The actual lifespan of a roof will depend on a number of factors, though. Homeowners can read on to find out what they can do to extend the lifespan of their residential Roofing in Suquamish Wa to learn about a few of them.

Clean Gutters Frequently

Gutters are designed to protect the home’s roof from damage, but if they’re cluttered with leaves and debris, they can’t do this important job. The majority of experts recommend cleaning gutters twice a year-;once in the spring and once in the fall. However, homeowners who want to be proactive about roof maintenance should know there’s no harm in cleaning them more frequently.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Branches don’t have to snap off and drop onto a roof to cause damage. If high winds cause them to brush against the shingles repeatedly, that brushing action can also damage the roof over time. Plus, overhanging branches create shade that encourages the growth of algae and mold.

Repair Storm Damage Immediately

What seems like extremely minor damage, such as one missing shingle or a tiny leak, can wind up causing catastrophic harm if left unaddressed. Any time that a major storm comes through, it’s worth taking a look at the roof. If there are any signs of damage, schedule an inspection by a professional.

Replace Shingles As They Wear

Asphalt shingles are the most popular material for residential Roofing in Suquamish Wa. One of the many great things about this material is that individual shingles can be replaced if they are damaged during a storm or have begun to show significant signs of wear in advance of the rest of the roof.

Homeowners should keep an eye out for signs of trouble like bald spots on their shingles, the dark streaks that indicate algae growth, and cracks in individual shingles and call a roofing expert as soon as possible to have them addressed. It’s often possible to replace just the shingles that are showing signs of damage. However, if many of them are damaged or showing signs of wear, owners are usually better off just replacing the home’s roof.

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