How to Need Less Frequent Septic System Maintenance Services in Magnolia TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Rural homeowners who have a septic system typically know what they should not flush down the toilet to prevent problems with the system, but that doesn’t mean they always follow the guidelines. Sometimes it’s just too easy to toss items such as dental floss and hair from the shower trap in the toilet. When the time comes for Septic System Maintenance Services in Magnolia TX, the technicians commonly can see these things when they open the tank. Floss and hair might float along the top of the liquid. Worse, items like this can clog filters or escape through a filter to the drain field.

Technicians who perform Septic System Maintenance Services in Magnolia TX want homeowners to avoid flushing anything but human waste and toilet paper. Even thick, multi-layered toilet paper can build up in the tank and cause a need for early pumping service. It simply doesn’t degrade effectively. Some other problem paper-based items include sanitary wipes and tampons. People become accustomed to flushing these things in order to be discreet. It also saves them the trouble of wrapping them in little bags to hide in a wastebasket.

Homeowners might clean the seat lid and the entire seat with a paper towel or two, then flush the paper for convenience. Family members might blow their nose in facial tissue or remove makeup with a tissue and then flush this paper, which also does not degrade effectively. Even municipal wastewater treatment plants can develop trouble when residents do too much of this, but a private septic system has very limited space.

A technician from a company such as website domain is glad to discuss this problem with homeowners. Technicians can provide a long list of things that should be disposed of in the trash instead of in the toilet. Parents must impress upon their children how important it is to follow these guidelines. They also can encourage their guests to use the wastebasket by providing paper bags to hide sanitary products. Being conscientious about this prevents sewer backups and the need for emergency service. It also avoids the risk of damaging the system. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

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