How to Pack and Store Belongings in a Self Storage Facility in Halethorpe

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Business


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Moving or decluttering a home can be a huge job. To make this job easier, it’s helpful to learn how to pack and store belongings that will go into a Self Storage Facility in Halethorpe. This will help a person keep his items from being damaged. It will also help a person make efficient use of the space he is renting. The following tips can be used to do this successfully.

A homeowner should decide exactly which items he wants to place in a storage unit. Choosing which items to place in a Self Storage Facility in Halethorpe at the last minute can cause a homeowner to pack household goods in a haphazard manner. A person should go from room to room and make a general list of the assets that will go into storage. After, these items can be grouped according to their nature of their usual location. For instance, a homeowner can pack all books in a few boxes and all kitchen items in some other boxes.

After deciding which items to pack and how they will be packed, a homeowner should buy the appropriate packing tools. It’s important to at least have boxes, packing tape, and pens. A person should label each box on at least four sides. Bubble wrap or peanut foam can be used to protect fragile or sensitive items. Boxes should be loaded onto a truck in the reverse order in which they will be placed into the storage unit.

Placing boxes in a storage unit should be done in an organized manner. It’s helpful for a homeowner to draw a diagram detailing where each box will be placed. This diagram can be changed as the process continues. A person can make good use of vertical space and corners. Corners can be used as support for high stacks of stacks of heavy items. A homeowner can place lighter items at the top of stacks. There should be a pathway down the middle of the boxes for easy access to belongings. For more information on self-storage units, a person can visit or talk to a professional at S & E Mini Storage.

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