How to Pick the Best Optical Clinic in Brookline, MA: Your Personal Checklist

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2017


If you’ve received a recent prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses, the onus is on you to ensure that you establish a long-term relationship with a reputable optical clinic in your area. But it’s important to note that the quality of service and experience of the on-site professionals will vary greatly from clinic to clinic so you’ll have to conduct some targeted research prior to scheduling your introductory appointment.

Fortunately for you, ascertaining the most renowned optical clinic in Brookline, MA is fairly easy to do if you follow the checklist shown below:


First things first; you’ll want to make sure that every optical clinic on your shortlist features a long-standing history within the local community. In this regard, you should focus on the following salient aspects:

  • Multiple decades of experience with optical services
  • At least two physical storefronts
  • A minimum of four licensed and accredited opticians on site
  • Full suite of eyeglass and contact services


If you’d like to avail yourself of top-notch services and unmatched professionalism at affordable rates, you should make sure that you’re partnering with a respectable optical clinic that has garnered various accolades and awards throughout their history. With this notion in mind, keep an eye out for the following prominent honors during your research:

  • Endorsement by Boston Consumer’s Checkbook
  • A+ rated on Angie’s List
  • Consumer’s Choice Award recipient
  • TAB Readers’ Choice Award recipient

Informative Website

The best-rated opticians tend to place honesty and integrity at the forefront, which is why you can glean a lot of valuable information simply by logging onto the website of a distinguished clinic. If you visit, for instance, you’ll be able to peruse a wide range of products, view easily accessible contact information, scrutinize the detailed “about us” section, and, most importantly, you’ll have a chance to see what an optical clinic’s website is supposed to look like.

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