How to Plan a Fashion Runway

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


The fashion runway may be the most famous piece of staging in the world. You know one when you see it, even if there is nobody on it. From new fashion lines to TV show competitions, being on the runway means wanting the whole world to see. However, they are not just for catwalk models. The runway has been a staple of arena concerts for decades.


Fashion runways are a great way to get the crowd’s attention and make them feel more engaged with the experience. When a model or a rock star is standing just a few feet away, it feels as though you are a part of the show, that your presence really matters. Not to mention, it makes for a great opportunity to snap pictures.


The runway can be just as stylish as the people strutting down it. The look of it should take into consideration the venue itself. Do you want the catwalk to match or contrast with the room? How elevated will it be? Should it glow and change color? How about the material? They can be made of anything from wood to plexiglass. You can even get creative where you place them. Some have even appeared above swimming pools. Fashion runways don’t all have to be a straight line either. Some are circular and leave room for audience members in the middle to get a panoramic view.

Other considerations include how long to make it and whether to round the end of it or have it split in two, like a ‘T.’ Almost as important as the runway is the partition at the beginning, allowing the models to walk backstage without being seen. This material often matches the stage but can just as easily make its own fashion statement.

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