How to Prepare For a Visit to the Clinic in Kihei

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Lack of insurance, fear of doctors and the guilt over not always making good health choices are just a few of the reasons why people avoid visiting a clinic. Sadly, this often leads to a late diagnosis or needless suffering for a treatable condition. There is no reason to avoid getting the medical help necessary. For those that are ready to take the first step, or even those that simply want to change doctors, here is what to bring to a first appointment.

1. Bring insurance information including any ID cards and prescription cards provided by the insurer. The

2. Clinic in Kihei

3. has an on-site pharmacy for some types of medication and having a prescription card ready could save time.

4. Bring along a current photo ID, a social security card and contact numbers for home and work.

5. Have a list of all prescription medications, supplements, and herbal remedies currently in use. If possible, bring in a current prescription bottle and any leftover medication.

6. Prepare a list that includes any current medical problems as well as serious medical issues that have occurred in the past. Make a note of all allergies to medications or common items used in clinics such as latex.

7. Have the contact information of the previous clinic or doctor’s office attended in case they need to contact them with any questions or request any previous medical records.

8. Write down any questions for the doctor. Many people forget what they want to ask when they are sitting in the examination room.

The Clinic in Kihei is a walk-in clinic that is convenient for people that work jobs with unusual or constantly changing hours that make it difficult to schedule an appointment in advance. It is also an urgent care facility, so people are generally admitted first according to their medical need. The service is typically much faster than the average emergency room but it will take longer to see someone without an appointment. The facility also allows people to schedule appointments if that is their preference. Doing so could reduce waiting time. Contact the Wailea Medical Center to learn more about the services they provide or to schedule an appointment. It is also possible to contact them to determine what types of insurance they cover or what the cost of services is without coverage.

You can also visit them on Facebook.

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