How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery in Suffolk County, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


Dental implants can dramatically improve patients’ lives by restoring their ability to chew and speak normally and preserving their jaw structure after tooth removal. They work by fusing the implant with the patient’s jaw bone, offering a secure anchor for a replacement tooth. While this procedure has become quite commonplace, many patients are going in for their first Dental Implant Surgery in Suffolk County NY experience some anxiety over the procedure, which is why they should read on to find out how to adequately prepare themselves prior to heading to the oral surgeon.

Meal Preparation

It’s a good idea to prepare some softer foods such as smoothies, soups, and well-cooked pasta and freeze portions for later. Patients should keep in mind that their gums will likely be tender after the procedure, so they will not be able to chew harder foods like nuts and raw vegetables comfortably. Preparing meals in advance is a great way for patients to ensure that they will get the nutrients they need to facilitate the healing process without pain.

Plan Events Accordingly

Try not to plan any kind of important event for at least a week after Dental Implant Surgery in Suffolk County NY. Most patients find that they must devote around three days to rest and self-care prior to returning to school, work, and ordinary daily activities.

Make Provisions

Patients should keep in mind that they will not be able to safely drive themselves home after their surgeries, particularly if they will require sedation, and should arrange for a ride home. It’s important to find comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to wear to the appointment in advance as well and to remove all nail polish and makeup.

Be Careful About Consumption

When it comes to medications, they should check with their dentists first to ensure that they can be taken safely before the procedure; over the counter medications and supplements that thin the blood such as aspirin should always be avoided prior to implant surgery. Patients who will be going under sedation should not eat for between 4-12 hours prior to their procedures, so they should plan to fast in advance. Check out for more information about dental implants and local oral surgeons who perform implant surgeries.

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