How to Select The Perfect Bedroom Furniture in Newberg, OR

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Home Improvement


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There are some homeowners who prefer to furnish each room in their home with matched sets. Their favorite look is a room that is orderly and tidy and often very traditional. Other people enjoy randomness and function and select individual pieces rather than sets because they prefer the eclecticism this offers. Neither look is right or wrong because everyone should decorate their home in a way that makes them happy. The one rule that does need to be followed is for the homeowner to only purchase the best quality furniture they can afford. By sticking with solid and durable items, they will save themselves money over the years and have a home that is comfortable and beautiful no matter what decorative style they choose.

When it comes time to select bedroom furniture in Newberg, OR shoppers should consider two things beyond what appeals to them aesthetically. In a bedroom, the furnishings must be comfortable, and they need to offer ample storage. The bed is the main feature of the room, and its design can make bedtime rituals more enjoyable or impossible. For example, people who read or watch TV in bed should look for headboards that make it easy to recline comfortably. Someone with mobility or back problems should select a bed frame that raises the mattress to a level that makes sliding in and out of the bed easy. If the room is small or no closet is available, a bed that is raised higher off the ground will add vital storage space.

Storage is important because there needs to be room for clothing and accessories. Many people choose to store keepsakes and important documents in their bedroom drawers. Nightstands often hold books and provide a surface for lamps, phones and chargers and alarm clocks. Real comfort requires people to purchase bedroom furniture in Newberg, OR that meets all of these demands while also appealing to them visually and constructed in a way that will remain strong during many years of continuous use. All of this is available from the pieces offered by Lewis Furniture. At their location, everyone will find the matching sets or individual items that will make their home perfect for them.

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