How to Use a Mobile Bathroom Rental for Construction Projects

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2022


Typically, when you have several contractors and their crews working on remodeling projects on your property, they will need to stop and use a restroom at least twice in a typical day. That’s a lot of people that need to use a bathroom, and they absolutely should not be asking to use your personal restroom at all. Yet, if you don’t want them wandering far off to conduct their personal business, you will need some means for the crew to relieve themselves. A mobile bathroom rental is the ideal solution.

Rent a Bathroom and Place It on the Property

A mobile bathroom rental shows up on wheels or in the form of a “porta-potty.” Whichever type you rent, you may want to rent at least two in case there are ladies working on the remodeling crew. Three is even better so that there’s a spare available if the other two are in use. If you want to avoid the odors these portable facilities produce, have them delivered to an area of your property where the odors won’t be a noticeable problem.

Someone Is Assigned to Keep the Mobile Bathrooms Clean

For hygienic reasons, you or someone you know will have to be assigned to keeping these bathrooms clean. This means that the cleaning person has to enter and clean at least three times in an eight-hour day. You can rent a mobile bathroom for the workers, but you can’t expect the workers to keep it tidy. Plan ahead for your cleaning crew.

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