How Workers Compensation Lawyers in Port St. Lucie, FL Fight Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


The idea of workers compensation is a fantastic thing on paper, and many people have been saved from financial ruin because of it. However, many people have horror stories about the trouble they went through to have a workers compensation claim accepted. In some cases, people never received compensation from a workers compensation insurance policy. When someone is facing resistance from a workers compensation insurance carrier, they may need assistance from Workers Compensation Lawyers in Port St. Lucie FL.

The Inherent Problem

Perhaps one of the biggest sources of difficulty when it comes to workers compensation is that the insurance is provided by a private insurance company. Even though the insurance is required by the federal government, there isn’t any federal government-sponsored workers compensation insurance coverage. As such, a private insurance company will try to avoid paying claims whenever possible. This has proven to be a good business model, but it comes at the expense of people who deserve compensation following an accident at work but never see any money.

Combating Insurance Companies

To stem the tide of people being short-changed by private insurance companies, Workers Compensation Lawyers in Port St. Lucie FL work to try to change these outcomes to something more positive for their clients. The good thing is that many times, insurance companies will get word that someone whose claim has been rejected has hired an attorney. In these cases, unless the insurance company feels there is an extremely valid reason for rejecting the claim, the act of retaining the services of a lawyer is effective at getting some movement from the insurance company regarding compensation. In fact, most workers compensation lawyers do more negotiating for insurance settlements than they do taking insurance companies court.

Regardless of whether the case is solved by negotiations, a simple phone call, or perhaps raises to the level of courtroom proceedings, having a workers compensation lawyer working for you may be essential for receiving the coverage you need. If you or someone you know is facing difficulties in getting compensation following a work-related accident, it may be wise to contact Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille and speak to them about your options.

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