Hurt From A Fall? A Slip And Fall Accident Injury Attorney In Gonzales LA Can Help

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Most will agree that accidents happen when they’re least expected. Of course, an accident that is caused by the negligence of another can be especially difficult to accept. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private residence, a local business or a city sidewalk or parking lot, generally speaking, if the property owner was aware of a dangerous condition and did nothing to rectify it, they may be held liable in the event someone is injured due to this negligence. There are many ways that one can be injured in a slip and fall and need the assistance of a slip and fall accident injury attorney in Gonzales LA. A loose tile or throw rug in an office can cause a stumble, a wet floor in the grocery store can easily cause someone to slip, and a cracked, uneven sidewalk can trip an unsuspecting pedestrian, all causing injury and damage. All these instances and more can be reason to expect compensation for the injured party.

Of course, not all property owners will admit to fault and offer to cover the medical expense, though it is most likely their responsibility. Many people will feel foolish after taking a tumble and tend to want to recover quickly, so as not to make a scene. Though this is human nature, it’s not the best course of action for an injury that could be substantial. It’s imperative to always have documentation after the injury. If medical care is needed, ensure it is obtained, as internal injuries or head trauma may not be apparent immediately. A hospital or doctor’s report is also an excellent record to prove the injury, if it’s questionable. Any obvious danger that could have lead to the fall should be photographed, such as broken floor tiles, a loose stair, or even a dark parking lot, due to burned out lighting. This photographic proof helps to prove the case of negligence.

Though not all slip and falls will require legal assistance, many businesses or government entities may tend to make light of the situation, quietly correct the unsafe condition and feign innocence. Speaking to a slip and fall accident injury attorney in Gonzales LA will allow the injured party to get more information about the property owners liability and learn what can be done to ensure just compensation is received for an injury that occurred by no fault of their own.

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