Hydraulic Valves in Joliet Illinois and the Role they play in a Hydraulic System

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2018


Hydraulic Valves in Joliet Illinois assist in opening and closing which allows the flow for moving actuators and loads. The valves can be mechanically operated by physically turning a handle, electric solenoid-operated, or pilot operated via air that actuates the valves.

There are three models of hydraulic valves, each serving a specific purpose within the hydraulic system. Listed below are the types of valves and their purpose.

Pressure Control Hydraulic Valve

A pressure control valve is responsible for changing and regulating the pressure within the tubes of the hydraulic system. When the pressure becomes too high, the pressure control valves alleviate the pressure which prevents leaks or bursting pipes. When the pressure is too low, the valves can increase the levels to a working pressure for smoother operations.

Flow Control Hydraulic Valves

The flow control valves maintain the flow of the working fluids within the hydraulic system. An individual can increase or decrease the flow of the fluids by opening and closing the valve. This determines the speed of the working fluids which provides better accuracy and efficiency.

Directional Control Hydraulic Valves

These valves are responsible for navigating the fluid according to the hydraulic system. Also known as “switching valves”, are responsible for switching the direction safely and at a fast pace when needed.

Choosing a Repair Technician

With time, Hydraulic Valves in Joliet Illinois can begin to show signs of wear and tear. It is important to inspect the valves frequently and replace or repair when necessary. Hiring a professional will ensure the job is done correctly. Listed below are a few tips for hiring a professional for servicing the hydraulic valves.

  • All service professionals should be trained and certified to perform worthy repairs to your hydraulic system. Ask for the proper credentials to verify the professional is knowledgeable and properly trained for the repair needed.
  • Choose a repair company that sells, services, and inventories true manufacturer’s service parts and follows factory approved specifications.
  • A reputable company will offer a warranty with the manufactures they carry. Ask the company what type of warranty they have and how long it will be valid for.

Miller Hydraulic Service Inc is knowledgeable in all they do and are ready to assist you with your hydraulic repair needs. Contact them today for more information on hydraulic valves and the many other parts of a hydraulic system.

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