If Gun Owners Need a 222972 Magazine Rack in Texas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2019


Gun owners and enthusiasts are always looking for more ways to protect their guns and the accessories that go with them. This includes the magazines and clips that they put into their guns and pistols, and the way to protect those are through using a magazine rack. A supplier of military accessories and electronics offers a 222972 Magazine Rack in Texas for those customers in the state who have various firearms needs. Here is a closer look at the 222972 magazine rack.

Looking at the 222972 Magazine Rack

When firearms customers are looking for a rack to keep and protect their magazines, they want one that is very sturdy and one that won’t scratch or mar the magazines. The 222072 magazine rack is one such rack that provides that protection and will hold up to 10 magazines, whether they are loaded or unloaded. The magazine rack can be purchased as a free-standing rack or as a wall-mounted rack, and some customers want both. The Lockdown 222972 magazine rack, generally used for the AR-15 guns, is a rather popular rack purchased by gun enthusiasts.

More about the 222972 Magazine Rack

This particular rack is compatible with all in line magazines, ranging from 10 rounds up to 30 rounds, which is satisfying enough for the average firearms person. The magazine’s steel frame makes it trustworthy for holding all the rounds that it is capable of holding, another plus for the firearms person. Those customers who are interested in getting the best deal they can on the rack can do their homework on the Internet. There, they will find many suppliers competing to get their business by offering good deals.

Purchasing 222972 Racks in Texas

Customers who live in Texas can find the deals they want for the 222972 magazine rack by browsing the Internet for the right supplier. Cornerstone Components is an electronics and military accessories supplier in New York that offers various electronics parts and military parts to customers in Texas. If a person needs a 222972 Magazine Rack in Texas, the supplier is available. Visit Cornerstone Components for more information.

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