If You Purchased A Boat, Look Into Custom Boat Trailer

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Sometimes you may buy a boat that has been docked at a marina and it doesn’t have a trailer because it’s been lifted in and out by the marina. Maybe you purchased a boat and the trailer is rusted or maybe the boat has no trailer for some other reason. A boat needs to have a custom trailer built specifically for that boat. The main reason is for safety of hauling it from location to location. Custom Boat Trailers can be made for your boat by a professional company and can be done affordably. Fitting a boat to a trailer requires you to know:

1. The distance from the bow eye of the boat to the end of the boat at the back, known as the transom.
2. The width of your boat from the outside edge to the other outside edge going under the hull, which is the bottom of the boat.
3. The weight of you boat, including anything you may haul inside such as gasoline, fishing gear, camping equipment, water and anything else you will haul.
4. The gross package weight so you have the proper hitch for your trailer.

These are just a few of the things you need to know for a proper trailer. If your boat does not sit properly on the rollers or is not big enough or too large, you could damage your boat costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Custom Boat Trailers are important for the safety of your boat and peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your boat is. A company that specializes in boat trailers can build a boat to fit your boat, from a small flat bottom fishing boat with a single axle to a cabin cruiser with v-shaped haul and several axles. Getting a trailer from a friend that you think somewhat fits your boat because it may look like it fits could be dangerous if not long enough or not strong enough. Building your own from pieces and parts of other trailers is not safe either because the welds or the frame may not be sturdy enough to hold your boat without it rubbing and damaging it. Check out Tufftrailer.com for your custom trailer.

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