Important Facts about Optometrists In Malden

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


It is not uncommon to find that most people are unfamiliar with the services that are ordinarily provided by optometrists. An optometrist is an eye specialist whose role goes beyond uncovering problems with vision, and they can treat eye diseases to the point of surgery. A complete examination will often involve assessing the front of the eyes for dryness, allergies, infections as well as cataracts. The examination of the retina will often determine whether diabetes, glaucoma, or macular degeneration has affected vision. It is therefore imperative that you take your children to an Optometrists In Malden early enough in their lives. An optometrist will often evaluate the following areas:

1. Binocularity: This involves an examination of the manner in which the eyes interact with each other, and how they transmit information to the brains. The optometrist will often measure the eyes’ ability to accurately aim together, maintaining a single vision, while also checking to see that the eyes don’t slide out of alignment, something that will often happen with crossed or wondering eyes.

2. Oculomotility: An experienced optometrist will also check to ensure that their patients are able to control where they aim their eyes, a skill that is extremely helpful in reading. This also ensures that patients are able to smoothly follow a moving target, while making eye jumps from one point to another.

3. Accommodation: Developmental optometrists will often evaluate their patients’ capacity to focus rapidly and smoothly when looking from a distance to near, and right back again. Moreover, they will check to ensure that patients are able to maintain clear focus at near ranges for long periods of time without blurring or fatigue, an important aspect for reading small print.

4. Visual perception: Optometrists will also run various tests aimed at determining whether their patients have the requisite perceptual skills to understand and analyze what they see. Such skills will include visual memory, visual closure, visual discrimination and visual figure-ground among others.

Visiting an optometrist will ensure timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries affecting the eyes, while uncovering other problems, such as diabetes and hypertension that will often affect your overall health. If you are looking for Optometrists In Malden, contact All Eye Care Optometrists. They provide quality eye care services at affordable rates. Contact Sitename for more details.
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