Important Information For Patients Needing Dentures in Oyster Bay, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Being unfortunate enough to have suffered the loss of numerous teeth can be an embarrassing problem for a dental patient to suffer. Sadly, there are many dental patients that may not be particularly informed about the treatment options that are available for this type of issue. Fortunately, it is possible for patients needing Dentures in Oyster Bay NY to have these prosthetics installed so that any cosmetic issues that the patient may be experiencing are addressed as well as restoring the full functionality of their mouths.

When having dentures made, it is important to note that it may take several weeks for the final set of dentures to be completed. This stems from the fact that the patient will need to have measurements of their mouth taken. Once these measurements are made, the dentist can send them to a special facility that will craft the denture set. While this process may seem somewhat lengthy, it is essential for the measurements of the denture to be exactly the same as the patient’s mouth, or they may encounter serious discomfort while wearing the dentures.

After the patient has received their dentures, it is important to understand that this prosthetic will need to be adjusted on a yearly basis. As time progresses, the shape and contour of a patient’s gum line will change, which can cause the denture to no longer fit properly. By having them adjusted each year, it is possible to ensure that the dentures stay as secure as possible despite the patient’s gum line changing. During this adjustment, the dentist will gently heat the dentures to make them more pliable before adjusting them and having you report on how they fit. This process may take an hour or more, but it can be worth it for ensuring the dentures perfectly fit the patient’s mouth.

When a patient suffers the loss of one or more of their teeth, it is critical for them to understand the full range of restorative procedures that can be used. Luckily, those needing to receive Dentures in Oyster Bay NY can work with the professionals from the Locust Valley Dental Group. To learn more about this clinic, please visit the website.

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