Important Points to Keep in Mind When Considering Septic Installation in Oak Harbor, WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


According to the latest reports, 33 percent of America’s homes still have no access to public sewer systems. This means they must rely on septic tanks for taking gray and black water from their homes and maintaining sanitation. If you’re having a septic system installed for a new home or replacing an old one, a number of factors come into play. Keep the following points in mind before digging up your yard and proceeding with Septic Installation in Oak Harbor WA.

Regulations Are in Place

The Washington State Department of Health holds homeowners to strict regulations when it comes to the more than 950,000 on-site sewage systems throughout the state. They revolve around the amount of water flowing through these systems each day as well as the size of the septic tanks being installed to handle the volume. Drain fields, connections from the home to the system and other factors come into play as well.

Permits are Required

Despite being on your own property and knowing which regulations are in place, extra measures have to be taken before having a septic system installed or upgraded. Applications for permits must be submitted beforehand, and your property may need to be inspected before moving forward with any plans. Processing, approval and permit acquisition can take several weeks from start to finish, and proceeding without the proper permits could lead to stiff fines and further legal actions.

Old Systems Should Be Addressed

If you’re replacing an outdated or malfunctioning system with a new one, leaving the old one in place isn’t recommended even if you’re having Septic Installation in Oak Harbor WA in a different area of your yard. Those existing systems could present a number of safety hazards, including sewage leaks and ground collapse to name a couple. Once again, regulations come into the picture. The old system may need to be removed and properly disposed of or filled with gravel depending on your specific circumstances.

Having a new septic system installed isn’t a straightforward matter. It’s important to have a professional come in and inspect your property to determine which type of system would best suit your needs and where it should be placed. On top of that, state regulations could complicate the situation, and permits must be acquired before legally proceeding. Do your research and be sure all the right measures have been taken to avoid potential problems.

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