Indiana University Student Housing – The choices are there!

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2022


Having spent an entire life working toward a college education, no one wants to go in circles looking for Indiana University Student Housing. Parents and students alike. Want to have a day out being miserable going from place to place. And really, what are the differences between regular housing and student housing?

Setting down roots, if even for a year or two, can be a stressful decision, so let’s not stress out. The final challenge of finding a place to live and study is to find the most relaxed area. No more stress; still housing is a big deal.

In short, you need something affordable, a home that is available at a comfortable pricing. A student looking for housing wants a complete deal, an offer, and a lifestyle, including amenities. Do not mistake, there are standard amenities, then there are executive amenities, and having a fitness center and heated pool, athletic courts, student social events, and a private shuttle bus to the IU campus is a must!

Many see student housing as better than a regular rental. Finding regular housing isn’t always easy. Regular housing often has a different set of rental agreements, including more stringent credit and other reasons that make them less favorable than student housing options.

About Indiana University Student Housing: Designed around Indiana University students and faculty, Reserve on Third is a full-featured apartment community with well-designed two and three-bedroom furnished apartments in a serene park-like setting.

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