Indications of Damaged Electrical Wiring in Scranton, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


There are miles and miles of electrical wiring stashed behind the walls of the home. With all of this hidden wiring, it can be difficult to identify where a breach in the line has occurred. These are some clues that issues with this system are potentially placing the home at risk.

Incomplete electrical connections will cause lights to flicker on and off at unpredictable interviews. Somewhere along the line, the protective coating has been destroyed. These expose wires create an arch of electricity that is not contained in the protective coating. The wires can be exposed by an invasion of pests such as squirrels, raccoons or possums. It can also occur due to vibration or the rubbing of wires. Because these wires are exposed, they will need to be identified and replaced with new wiring.

Tripping breakers are a signal that the electrical wiring is on overload. As the need for electricity increases, the wires heat up dramatically. This extra heat will cause the breakers to trip. Since the wiring can’t handle all of the demand, they can become damaged. The solution to this problem is to split the up the load so that it is more equally shared. A constantly tripping breaker is a fire hazard and may cause a burn out in the panel.

Evidence of a fire around a plug-in is another indication that a problem is occurring in the Electrical Wiring Scranton PA. This can happen when too many things are plugged in at the exact same time. All of the extra electricity will start a fire. In most cases, it will stop once the items are removed from the plug. However, the damage has already been done. An inspection and repairs will have to be done to ensure that the outlet can be used safely.

Damage to the wiring can occur from a number of sources. These are just a few indications that there are problems. A thorough investigation of the wiring will be needed since it can be difficult to identify the exact location of the problem. Visit the site for more information on addressing issues related to the electrical system.

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