Indications that a Sill Replacement in Newton, MA is Needed

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


Wooden window sills are still commonly used in homes. These pieces of wood are not usually protected from the different elements. But exposure to water and other elements can cause the sills to become rotten. Once they lose their integrity, problems can occur. They will need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the issues from spreading. These are some of the signs that a replacement is needed.

A window that won’t open or close properly can indicate the need for a sill replacement in Newton MA. A rotten sill may prevent the mechanism in the window from working correctly. A rotting sill can cause warping that makes it impossible for the elements in the window frame to line up. If the window is forced, it may cause it to break or crack.

An inspection around the window may reveal holes. One of the things that rotting will do is to allow water and insects a pathway into the home. The holes also allow the air conditioning and heating to escape. The wood is so compromised that it no longer provides that barrier of protection. While these holes can be temporarily treated and plugged, eventually they will get bigger. A permanent replacement will have to be installed.

Water damage underneath the window is also a sign that a sill replacement in Newton MA is needed. Water damage can soak in through the compromised wood. This water can spread to areas below the window. This can result in a deterioration of the window supports. It can also result in mold growth that can get in behind the drywall and spread throughout the entire wall. Because the damage can be so extensive, the entire area must be checked and evaluated. All of the affected areas will have to be replaced.

Window sills are also a barrier between the outside of household. If they become rotten, the sills can allow pests and water to get into the home. This can cause a great deal of damage. Contact Fitzgerald Restoration Inc if there have been signs that rotting has occurred. A quick replacement can stop the spread of damage and restore the integrity of the windows.

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