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Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Dec, 2014


There are very few brands of wall coverings that can claim to have always been true pioneers of their industry. Symphony is one such brand. A manufacturer of contract wall coverings, they offer a wide range of high quality and innovative products, which are also environmentally friendly. Established in 1965, they continue to innovate throughout the years in terms of design and technology. Sold in over thirty-five nations today, Symphony has its manufacturing center in South Hackensack, New Jersey, and warehouses throughout the U.S. and the Netherlands. They cater to a large network of people and businesses including healthcare, hospitality, and education, among many others.

Responsible Growth

One of the major reasons for Symphony’s popularity is their eco-friendly working.

  • No heavy metals: All products manufactured by them are safe for use in any home or commercial property. Heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead are not used in any step of the manufacturing process. Thus, their products can be safely used in any type of environment without any health concerns.
  • Durable: Symphony products are built to last. All products that come out of their manufacturing unit are extremely durable. They can be made to last a lifetime as long as simple cleaning and maintenance tips are followed. This helps save material in the long term, which, in turn, reduces use of natural resources.
  • Energy feedback: Their manufacturing unit uses the most sophisticated technology that produces energy as a by-product of the manufacturing process. This energy is then fed back into the system, which cuts down the use of natural gas.
  • Recycled ink: The waste or excess ink left over after the printing process is recycled to be used again, and this cuts down the usage of natural resources, helping the environmental cause.

Simple Upkeep

If you’re already an owner of Symphony’s wall coverings but are not sure how to take proper care of them, read below for some simple tips. Make sure you follow each tip accurately to avoid any damage to your coverings.

  • If your wall covering acquires a minor stain, which can be easily rubbed off, use clear warm water and a soft cloth to clean the surface.
  • If the stain is relatively more potent, such as a grease or coffee stain, wash the wall immediately with a diluted soap solution. After cleaning, remember to rinse the area with clear warm water.
  • Never use a towel or piece of cloth for rubbing the surfaces. Always use a natural sponge to rub the surfaces clean.

You can easily locate their product line via the internet. Many reliable dealers throughout the world also sell their products. So, it should not be too tough to get your walls Symphony-covered soon.

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