Is DPF Cleaning in Texas Really Necessary?

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


If your truck has a diesel engine, it needs to meet government emission standards, and you should consider a DPF cleaning in Texas. What is a DPF, and why is it so important to clean it periodically? Here is information to help explain.

Diesel Particulate Filter

As you diesel engine burns fuel, some of it does not burn completely. The DPF or diesel particulate filter traps all kinds of soot and sediment from the exhaust system. This helps to keep the air and the environment clean.

A particulate filter not only traps sediments, but it can also clean itself. Every so often, the engine can do a DPF cleaning procedure in Texas called regeneration. During the regeneration process, it gets very hot inside the DPF and burns up most of the soot and sediments. However, regeneration does not remove 100 percent of the soot and buildup.

Inorganic material is not burned up during regeneration, and over time it builds up until it can plug up the filter. This is the reason you need to take your commercial truck to your dealership for filter service. Here are more reasons to have a DPF cleaning in Texas.

Fuel Efficiency

As your particulate filter gets dirty, it affects your fuel economy. Regular cleanings keep your engine running efficiently. This saves you on diesel fuel.


Do you want your commercial truck to run smoothly and accelerate when you need power? It is important to practice regular maintenance, which includes diesel particulate filter cleaning. This ensures maximum performance.


It may cost a few hundred dollars for a professional cleaning. However, if you wait too long, you eventually need to replace the DPF. This can cost you as much as three thousand dollars. The price of filter cleaning is minimal, considering the repercussions of ignoring it.

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