Is Duct Cleaning in Des Moines IA Really All That Important?

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Business


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Many homeowners would not think of letting a year go by without having the heating and cooling unit checked. The same care should be given to the duct system that delivers the forced air to each room. From time to time, having the duct system checked and cleaned will provide plenty of benefits. Here are some of the good things that will result from a thorough Duct Cleaning in Des Moines IA.

Getting Rid of Contaminants

Many people would be surprised to find out what has collected in their home duct systems over the years. Along with dust, there is the possibility for different types of pests to get into the system and die. That leaves their carcasses in the path of the forced air. At times, mold can also develop in the duct sections. Since all of these contaminants could lead to respiratory complaints, it makes sense to have a professional conduct a Duct Cleaning in Des Moines IA every few years.

Improving the Smell in the Home

All those contaminants in the duct system can create an unpleasant aroma in the home. Even when the place is kept spotless, the owner will still notice that things do not smell clean. The problem is that the smell emanating from the mold or the collection of dead pests is forced into the rooms as the air passes through the vents. Choosing to have the ducts cleaned gets rid of the source of the unpleasant scent and ensures that the house smells a lot fresher.

Identifying Problems with the Ducts

During the duct cleaning, there is also the chance to note any potential problems with the system. If any sections are rusted or beginning to come apart, the homeowner can be advised of the problem. Even something like coming across a section of insulation that is in poor shape provides the owner with the chance to make repairs and improve the efficiency of the ducts.

For more information about duct cleaning, contact the team at Iowa Fire Control today. After hearing more about how regular cleanings will help, the homeowner will want to schedule an inspection and cleaning for the earliest date possible.

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