Is it Necessary to Move Furniture When Treating For an Insect Infestation in My Home?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2019


For homeowners who discover an insect infestation, there can be many concerns on how to properly get rid of the problem. When it comes to a successful insect infestation treatment plan, proper eradication will depend on the type of insects you have in your home.

Where Insects Hide

Most insects hide in the walls and cracks of a home. So, while they may be visible at certain times of day, most are usually out of sight. That means that the number of insects in the infestation can be substantial, even if only a few insects are visible! In some cases, there may be hundreds to thousands of insects hidden inside the walls and floors of a home.

While not all bugs hide in floors and walls, such is the case with some species, like bed bugs and fleas. These insects hide in bedding, curtains, or carpeting and can, therefore, be incredibly difficult to eradicate or detect.

Will You Need to Move Furniture?

When it comes to moving furniture to treat an insect infestation, in most cases, this is not necessary. However, some moving of furniture may be required to treat specific areas of an infestation depending on the type of insect that your home is being treated for. With specific bugs like fleas, termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches, moving furniture may be an essential part of ensuring that the treatment is completed correctly.

If your professional licensed exterminator indicates you need to pull furniture away from walls to adequately treat your home, they will usually tell you well in advance of their arrival. In most cases of termite treatment in NJ, homeowners will be asked to move their furniture.

If you need a professional licensed exterminator to treat an insect infestation, you’re in luck! At Viking Pest Control, we handle all types of insect infestation treatment, including termite treatment in NJ! Homeowners have relied on us for over 40 years!

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