Is the Use of Mulch in Connecticut Really All That Important?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


For the novice gardener, all the talk about mulch and different types of mulching products may seem to be a waste of time. What does Mulch in Connecticut actually accomplish? As it turns out, the right mulch can provide quite a few benefits. Here are some examples.

Reducing Weeds in the Garden

Whether the focus is on planting a flower garden or raising vegetables, rest assured that weeds will sprout. One of the ways to keep the weeds to a minimum is to use Mulch in Connecticut. The presence of the mulch provides a means of limiting the exposure of the soil to direct sunlight. That, in turn, aids in preventing weeds from getting the light needed to thrive. While the mulch will not completely eliminate the problem, the right product will minimize the amount of weeds that do appear.

Keeping the Soil Moist

Plants need moist soil in order to thrive. By placing mulch over the top soil, it is possible to prevent the sun from drying out the soil. Some mulch blends contain elements that absorb water and release it at a slow rate. This can be especially helpful during dry weather since the soil will still get moisture on an incremental basis.

Keeping Pests Out of the Garden

Some forms of mulch contain natural ingredients known to help repel certain types of pests. For example, the use of a mulch containing cedar bark will prevent several types of pests from eating the plants and ruining them. This type of passive benefit helps to ensure that vegetables can grow properly and provide plenty of food to eat throughout the season.

Protecting the Nutrient Content of the Soil

The right mulch can also ensure the nutritional content of the soil remains high. Mulch that is biodegradable will decompose and nourish that soil, effectively replacing the nutrients consumed by the plants. In this way, the mulch helps to ensure the ground is always capable of supporting different types of plant life.

For help with choosing the right mulch, talk with the team at Dunning Sand & Gravel. They can assess the needs of the client and recommend the best product for the garden. Once the mulch is in place, it will not take long to begin reaping the benefits.

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