Issues for which You Receive Gynecology Treatment in Norman, OK

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2016


A woman’s body is very delicately built and has to be treated with utmost precision. Although men have their share of medical and biological issues, women have issues that are very complex at various stages of their lives. Things like the beginning of menses, the complications during the monthly menses, and the menopausal stage, are all part of the unique issues with a woman’s body. Treating such issues belongs to the medical practice of gynecology. A doctor who provides Gynecology Treatment in Norman OK speaks to the various gynecological conditions treated.

Doctors who deal with gynecologic conditions are called gynecologists, and the practice they have is usually gynecology/obstetrics. The gynecologist deals with issues surrounding the female reproductive system while the obstetrician is concerned with the female during and shortly after pregnancy. Thus, the two practices are often combined by the doctors who specialize in such. Dealing with the female reproductive system may concern problems such as ovarian cysts and cancer, yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases and premenstrual syndrome, commonly referred to as PMS. These problems may become especially the concern of an OB/GYN specialist if the woman is pregnant and dealing with reproductive problems.

One of the problems that women dread having to go to a specialist for is a hysterectomy. The procedure causes many women to feel incomplete or as if they are no longer “whole female.” Today’s technology does not require women to get complete hysterectomies. Treatments and procedures today can be minimally invasive, causing little alarm for concern or worry. Even those procedures which require surgery can be done with very small incisions, leaving scars that are not as noticeable. Subsequently, there is less loss of blood, and hospital stays are not quite as long.

Life’s Cycle Womens Care has been providing gynecological care for over 25 years in the Norman, Oklahoma and the Ardcore, Oklahoma areas. In addition to gynecological services, women also have access to hormone therapy, such as the Sottopelle hormone therapy. They also are offered cosmetic services, such as Botox and Juvederm.

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