Issues that Require the Replacement of Wiring in Council Bluffs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


The integrity of the electrical wiring is key in maintaining the protective coating. These are some of the things that can put the coating at risk. Because exposed wires can create a fire hazard, any suspicion of a breach should be investigated as soon as possible.

An invasion of squirrels, mice, possums, raccoons or other pests can result in a degradation of the wiring. Sometimes, family pets will also attack wiring. Many animals like to chew on the protective coating of the wire. In most cases, the damage can’t be readily seen due to the location. After the pests have been eradicated, the Wiring in Council Bluffs should undergo a thorough inspection in places where the pests had access to. Any damaged wiring will need to be replaced.

Electrical wiring that is near vibrating equipment such as washers or dryers should be periodically inspected for potential problems. The vibration of this equipment can cause rubbing to occur against the edges of wooden supports, nails or sharp corners. This can wear away the protective coating and expose the raw wiring. If the appliances continually trip off, or the power source is unstable, it is likely that the system has already been compromised. All wiring in the vicinity will need to be inspected to ensure that it is intact.

Like many other materials, age will have an effect on the protective coating of the wiring. The protective coating will dry out and become very brittle. This will cause a break to occur in the lines. Any wiring that is older than about ten years can be subjected to this type of damage. If it has been over ten years since the wiring has been checked, an inspection should be done. Any areas where the protective coating has degraded should be replaced. Replacing it with new Wiring in Council Bluffs will help improve the safety of the home.

The condition of electric wiring has to be monitored. Chewing animals, vibrations that move the wire or old age will lead to compromises in the protective coating. Any suspicions that the wiring has been compromised should be investigated. Contact Brase Electrical Contracting Corp. to get any of these issues fixed.

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