It’s Not Always the Residential Garage Door Opener Causing the Problem

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2020


While a non-working residential garage door opener in Bradenton, FL, is an inconvenience, it’s no reason to panic. There are different ways to solve the problem, not all of which involve replacing the door. Garage doors have two parts: the door and the opener that controls it. Most homeowners assume that these parts will work in tandem, until they do not. Below is a list of common garage door problems and repairs.

Broken Springs

Many service calls involve broken springs. They all break eventually, after years of use. Once per year, the homeowner should lift the door manually to determine if it’s balanced. If the door emits a screeching sound or if something breaks, call a garage door repair company.

Broken Cables

If the cable is broken or frayed, it should be replaced as soon as possible. While a cable seems like a simple part, it keeps the garage door from falling on a person or vehicle if the spring breaks. Cables are relatively inexpensive, but installation can be time-consuming and should be left to the professionals.

Bent Tracks

Garage door tracks can become bent with impact. A homeowner may be able to knock them back into shape with a rubber mallet, but it is much easier (and safer) to call a garage door repair pro. Installing or repairing tracks without the proper equipment or experience can lead to costly repairs and serious injury.

Misaligned Sensors

In some cases, the residential garage door opener in Bradenton, FL. no longer does its job. The batteries are usually to blame, but some issues are caused by misalignment of the safety sensors at the bottom of the door. If there’s something blocking the sensor, the door will not close without force. When there’s a problem with the sensors that’s not solved by moving things around, or if there’s another issue, the homeowner should call a repair technician.

Not all garage door problems are an immediate cause for concern. If a person encounters an issue, they should try to troubleshoot common issues before calling a repair service. However, when the problem isn’t easily solved, it may be time to visit the website. Contact Discount Garage Doors Inc. for more information.

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