Keep the Hot Water Flowing With Reliable Water Heaters Repairs in Reno NV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


The water heater is one of the most frequently used appliances in the home and there are several common types in use. The first two are the electric water heater and the gas burning model. Both of these appliances are designed to contain the water in a metal tank and apply heat to the liquid. The way that this is done varies by the type of appliance. Electric models heat the water using one or more internal heating elements while gas burning units transfer heat through the bottom of the tank. A broken electrode in the electric model will slow down hot water production or stop it completely and is one reason for Water Heaters Repairs in Reno NV.

One of the most common failures in a gas burning model is a faulty ignition system. There are two methods for lighting the flames in these devices. The first is a standing pilot light and the second is a piezoelectric spark system. Two of the most common failures for the pilot system is a low pilot flame or poor fuel control. The pilot light is equipped with a safety sensor that determines if the standing pilot is hot enough to ignite the fuel. If it is not, then the unit will fail and the owner or user will need to hire an expert in Water Heaters Repairs in Reno NV. Piezoelectric systems are fairly reliable, but the electronic components can fail after repeated usage.

One common failure that both systems eventually develop is a leaking tank. Leaks are the result of corrosion and there are various ways that a tank can corrode. For example, the base of the tank can fill with minerals that affect the transference of heat. Mineral deposits are typically caused by hard water. Too much heat concentrated in specific areas could speed up the corrosion by degrading the galvanized coating. It is possible to reduce the chance of tank corrosion by using a system that has a tank liner. Two types of liners are commonly available. One is glass and the other is cement. Cement is the preferred option because it tends to provide better coverage over seams and around fittings. Click here and learn more about expert water heater repairs.

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