Keep Your A/C Functional With Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


No matter where you live in Suffolk County you may find the need for air conditioning. This is especially true if you live in a newer home with an extremely high insulation rating. This is because the insulation can trap the air inside the home and require these appliances to keep the space cool and the air circulated. Unfortunately, an A/C is like any other mechanical device and it will break down after a while. This failure can occur in the mechanical components or it could be a simple electrical short. There is no real way of knowing unless you are an experienced air conditioner expert or you hire a contractor with skills in Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County.

There are many parts of the A/C that may require repair. For instance, the primary mechanical component is the condenser unit. The condenser compresses the refrigerant that carries the heat from the home. It can be under a lot of strain during the compression cycle and it is required to shut off immediately when the system no longer needs the refrigerant circulating. This repeated on and off cycle cans stress the condenser and actuator that controls it. A replacement condenser is one of the most expensive repairs in today’s air conditioners.

Other Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County may seem more trivial such as replacement electronics, but those electronic components actually control the cycling and efficiency of the appliance. Without them working correctly the A/C could get stuck in a continuous state of on or off. In some cases the electronics can keep an otherwise functional system from kicking in or make it work intermittently.

One of the most important repairs you can have done on your A/C involves a little bit of maintenance. This is the cleaning of the evaporator coil. In some systems this coil is difficult to access which makes it tough for a homeowner to clean it properly. When an air conditioning expert does the job they will remove the refrigerant, then the coil and wash it in an acid bath. This eliminates the crud that covers the coil and blocks the airflow. You can learn more about A/C repair by visiting Read review of Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services Inc.

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