Keeping Wildlife Away From Trash While Awaiting Waste Disposal in Brockton

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


When someone puts their trash on the curbside to wait for Waste Disposal in Brockton to arrive, they will want to make wildlife does not become a problem. Trash can attract all types of wild animals from mice to bears. To keep these animals out of garbage to be picked up by Waste Disposal in Brockton, some steps can be taken to deter them from getting into the cans.

It is best to avoid putting trashcans outdoors for Waste Disposal in Brockton until right before the service is expected to arrive. Keep the cans in an enclosed area such as a garage or shed so animals do not smell the contents. Locking garbage cans can be useful in keeping animals out. Another idea is to use bungee cords to keep lids in place. Place bricks

Double-bagging trash is a good way to eliminate offensive odors. These also smells attract creatures. Spray each bag with a vinegar and water solution as well to mask any odor of food remnants that may have dripped on the bag. Ammonia can also be used to keep animals away from trash as they do not like this smell. Wash trashcans out with soap and water regularly so any food that may have spilled into the can will be eliminated completely.

Place motion-detecting lights near trashcans. When animals get too close, the lights will illuminate, making them flee the area. Placing a radio near the cans can also be a help. Animals will think people are near the trash, causing them to stay away completely. Some decoys such as fake snakes and owls can also be used to scare away smaller animals. Hanging shiny pie plates or compact disks from tree branches near the trashcans will keep crows away from the area.

If someone is in need of further information about how to keep wildlife away from garbage cans, they can contact a service specializing in Waste Disposal in Brockton. They will be able to give tips to customers to keep their trash from being strewn around their yards. If a customer does not yet have service, pickup can be scheduled to begin.

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