Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut to Include Edible and Medicinal Plants

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Some homeowners like the idea of Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut that includes an abundance of edible plants and those used for natural healing and medicinal purposes. This doesn’t just involve a big garden with rows of vegetables along with a separate herb garden, but the inclusion of these plants throughout the yard.

Decorative Touches

All these plants can blend in well with other greenery and even provide decorative touches. Several gardens can be placed strategically in areas for aesthetic value, while edible plants also can be grown side by side with flowers and in front of shrubbery.

A Productive Landscape

This type of Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut is increasingly appealing to area residents who have large yards and don’t like big expanses of grass that have to be mowed regularly. This may seem pointless and a waste of time on land that is not producing anything useful. Instead, growing vegetables, fruit and herbs is fun for people who love being outside and tending to plants. They can harvest food for meals along with plant substances that naturopaths recommend for healing properties.

Learning About Medicinal Plants

Practically everyone can think of edible plants that might be used in landscaping this way. Some are truly ornamental and thus have two uses. However, it may not be so easy to think of plants used for medicinal purposes unless someone has already been immersed in the tradition of natural healing.

Fortunately, online resources are abundant and can help anybody get started. Of course, some of the plants that are useful for natural healing don’t grow well in the cooler climate of Connecticut, but a multitude of options is still available. Many over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications were originally derived from natural plant sources. The budding herbalist may already know that willow is the basis for aspirin, for example.

Designed Gardens Around the Property

For designed gardens that combine ornamentals with edibles and medicinals, professional landscapers with an organization such as Northeast Horticultural Services are helpful. Homeowners who want to get going on this kind of yard design may browse the website for information on the company’s services.

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