Landscaping with Hawaiian Natives and Pritchardia Hillebrandii in Honolulu, HI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Whether you are a homeowner looking for a change, or a business that needs to beautify its courtyard, landscaping services represent a great way to have the garden of your dreams. One of the biggest problems facing many islanders is the introduction of non-native species. The diversity of Hawaii’s flora is incredibly rich, and some non-native species can be invasive. This is a problem because it not only cuts down on the diversity of native flora, but also because it potentially restricts the growth of native species and may even eliminate them completely.

Native Landscaping Services

The good news for anyone who wants to landscape using native plant species such as Pritchardia Hillebrandii in Honolulu, HI, for example, is that there are local companies that can offer the following:

* Cultural design: In a quickly-growing trend among both gardeners and landscapers, cultural design is the exclusive use of native plants and trees in landscaping services. The benefit is that more native species are propagated throughout the islands and more people get to appreciate and preserve them. In cultural design, the absolute priority is using and preserving native Hawaiian plant species, such as Pritchardia Hillebrandii.

* Xeriscaping services: Water is at the very heart of most things that we do, but for anyone who wants a garden area that requires very little watering and maintenance, a xeriscaping service might just do the trick. In this service, expert landscapers will use a wide variety of native plants that thrive on minimal water and maintenance. This is ideal for homeowners who want a low maintenance garden, or for business owners who simply need some green areas that largely look after themselves.

The Beauty of Native Landscaping

If you want a native Hawaiian garden, browse our website for more details in a wide variety of different landscaping services. A completely native Hawaiian garden, including Pritchardia Hillebrandii, is beautiful, desirable, and accessible.

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