Law Firms in Tyler TX Can Help Clients Prove Medical Malpractice

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Lawyers


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Medical malpractice can occur in different settings and in different ways, but it is important to remember that not every situation meets the standards set forth for malpractice cases. In the article below is an examination of scenarios that would be considered malpractice, and some that do not meet that standard.

Where Malpractice May Exist

  • Negligence: In medicine, negligence happens when a physician provides care below the standard set by similarly skilled, local and prudent doctors in similar circumstances. Negligence can occur in varied situations, such as failure to diagnose, failure to advise a patient of treatment risks, and errors during medical procedures. Doctors make mistakes like everyone else, but if the error falls below the minimum care standard, malpractice may occur.
  • Recklessness: It’s rare in medicine, but doctors’ actions can be deemed reckless. For instance, a doctor performing surgery under the influence of alcohol or drugs would be reckless.

Where No Malpractice Has Occurred

  • A patient’s worsening condition: Doctors cannot face malpractice accusations due to a patient’s condition becoming worse. Sometimes physicians cannot treat or cure illnesses, and even with treatable conditions there’s no guarantee that the patient will respond. As long as a doctor acts with skill and care during treatment, no malpractice can be alleged by Law Firms in Tyler TX-; even if the patient’s health deteriorates.
  • Untreatable conditions: Because some illnesses are untreatable, doctors who make accurate diagnoses and good decisions cannot be accused of malpractice because of a patient’s untreatable or terminal condition. Simply, malpractice laws don’t exist to offer remedies for unavoidable outcomes such as deaths and terminal conditions. They are there to protect patients when they receive care that’s below the minimum standard set forth for competent physicians in similar circumstances.

Medical Malpractice Cases Can Be Difficult To Prove

Even after reading the information given here, patients might still have concerns about whether a doctor’s behavior can be deemed malpractice. Because medical malpractice lawsuits often depend on complicated questions that cannot easily be answered by non-physicians, injured parties may be best served by consulting medical malpractice Law Firms in Tyler TX, such as ‘Martin Walker, for help and advice.

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