Leak Detection in Tucson Ensures That the Home is Either Free of Leaks or Leaks are Found and Fixed

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


A pinhole leak in a water pipe hidden behind a wall can do a lot of damage before it is discovered. Larger leaks can do damage that may be more noticeable, but these will also do more damage. Leaks in pipes running above the ceiling are among the most difficult leaks to detect. A toilet that continues to run will waste more water than you can imagine. A leaky faucet will also waste water. Galvanized pipes are going to leak at some time. They should be replaced. CPVC is a good replacement pipe.

A leak under a slab foundation is the most difficult to find, and this leak can do significant damage to the slab over time. The dirt under the slab will be slowly washed away causing the slab to crack. This would be a disaster in any home, but more so in post tension slab.

Every home should have leak detection in Tucson area conduct an inspection of the plumbing to detect any leaks. The technicians have high tech equipment to find leaks in the walls and the slab. The technicians can also repair the leaks which may require cutting into the wall. The leaks may have created black mold and this will require mold remediation since mold is very unhealthy.

Leak Detection should not be confined to just the walls and the slab. All visible connectors should be checked for leaks and the main water line to the home should also be checked at the point of entry. The homeowner can shut off every faucet in the house and then watch the water meter for an indication that water is still running. If it is, it would be essential to have the home detected for leaks. However, it is very important to realize that a pinhole leak will not register on the water meter. Different meters are calibrated to reflect different water usage rates at any given time.

Checking the sewer line for leakage is a good idea, because older homes and even newer homes can develop a leak and allow the sewer water to run out into the dirt. While this may not be noticeable immediately, it will contaminate the ground water. The sewer line may have a larger break caused by tree roots or the age of the line. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water.

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